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Art by Ruby Nell Hagan

Creative ideas and commissions available


Dedicated to detail, conscientious and committed to capturing art that imbibes the scene akin to a photograph.  Just like every other liar on the internet.

I enjoy dark matter without having a science degree or affiliation with nihilists  (Although I have studied sculpture at St Martins College*)

Inspiration and Research rarely go hand in hand in my creations but one always wins and the content makes its' own statement.  I may not always convey my original idea in the finished creation but the journey can often be the most fun element.

Maybe the real art is the people we upset or make friends with along the way.

If you like my art enough to perhaps ask about a piece specifically for you please get in touch, I do not bite despite the sign.

*briefly but I'm hoping to earn enough for my return soon


My Aim

I'm producing content for my academic studies and as my extra-curricular passion, I hope to create enough paid work through this site to fund a large portion of my continued studies as art and academia should always co-exist


Art & Inspiration 

Some of the work I have been doing in recent history


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